Speaking of Life...



Well as we all know Emily and I are already Thing 1 and Thing 2 and we're recruiting a Cindy Lou-Who and perhaps a Cat in the Hat? Among other Dr. Seuss-like things. yessss. But these, these costumes kick any costumes ass.

Woooo crack hills... ***Click on the picture for a bigger size... duh...***

Gimme your tots. ***Aww Amanda looks like we found that semi outfit you wanted a little bit too late, eh?**

MMMMMMMM BOLTON TOMORROW. I will eat them for dinner.... not really.... you know what I mean.... it's time to start kicking some ass. So. That is what I shall do.

And with that, I'm hungry so I'll go eat SPAGHETTI. Ooooooh. Aaaaaah. Special.


wow definitely time to update.

Sorry guys its been quite a while but I've been just oh so busy with jazz band and soccer SPEAKING OF WHICH we have a night game tomorrow AGAINST LYMAN. They're going down. RAWR. I don't like them. Yea so you could say I'm pretty pumped about that.

Ok... me and Nikki are Team Sexy.... that's right. Team Sexy. So you can join if you want. But you have to be approved by me and Nikki first :-p I'm warning you it's a pretty vigorous test.... muahahaha.

I FOUND MY NEW FAVORITE THING. So its like a screen name that goes on your buddy list right? My IP Replay or something like that. Anyway you type in a number for them to call and then you can type anything you want and the operator has to say it on the phone to the person you called. Me and Nikki tested it out and Nikki made our operator say things such as "slut bag" and "whore". Wow we're so grown up. But it was uber fun.



And with that I have to go :)