Speaking of Life...


Another sleepover :)

Yes, I had yet another sleepover... this time with ALLYSON!!! Woot! Well we went to the mall and first we went to dinner at Friendly's. We got mozzerella *sp?* sticks and uhmmm... basically... grease. It was simply delicious. Then we spent the next 10 minutes trying to use the calculator on my cell phone to divide up the bill and I managed to screw it up a good 5 times. Then we went and shopped and stuff because... we were in a mall... and first *important* stop; Journey's, where Allyson bought her insanely sweet skater shoes. We spent about 25 minutes in there sitting on the fitting bench while she argued with me that I didn't know how to do the shoelaces right and I kept saying "Do too... Do too..." And finally the guy who worked there came over since we were the only ones in there and said "My friend also works here... he's on break right now but when he gets back he can do that for you." And you all know that I need to do things by myself once I've decided that I want to do them so I said "I CAN DO IT! SERIOUSLY!!!! Seriously watch me I can lace up these shoes like crazy." And so he watched until he got bored because I continued to fail at lacing the shoes the right way. So THEN we just decided that you know what, screw it we'll buy them and I'll do it at Allyson's house. So after that.... mmm more unsuccessful shopping but we did buy pants. YAY FOR PANTS!!! And we went to Maggie Moo's because we decided our dinner wasn't sufficiently fattening enough and we had to walk past Journey's again to get back to Barnes & Noble and the shoe guy was there and he yelled "LOOK IT'S LACES GIRL!!!" I was like... wtf.... OH HE'S TALKING TO ME so I yelled hi. I am now Laces Girl. Well, that's my superhero name we decided. Whatever.
After the mall we drove around for like... an hour trying to find a Blockbuster because Allyson and I needed a scary movie.... so then we found Hide and Seek and bought popcorn that we later smothered with even more butter. Damn I'm gonna be so huge in a couple days. ANYWAY. Hide and Seek... mmm.... not scary enough for me. But definitely good! After that we just stayed up uhmm ALL night and didn't sleep at all. We used up all that time by alternating between watching and criticizing cumb music videos and talking about like, everything. Especially high school and dumb boys in high school and how we don't like them. : ) And how my brother would kung-fu anyone's ass if they bothered me. Same with her brothers. Ah, brothers are not so bad after all : )
This morning we walked to the corner store for breakfast. What the hall were we thinking? Not only is it and hour round trip on foot, but the corner store?! Oh well it was fun. Cha we got french toast and we were soooo tired we were like... loopy or something and we paid $4.25 for it and there were two effing pieces of french toast in the container. I almost died laughing. In fact, if we weren't so tired we decided we would have been really pissed off but since we were partially dilirious... delirious? whatever. Since we were partially however you spell that, we just laughed until we like, cried. Then we were still hungry so we bought sunchips and ate them on the way home while screaming Green Day songs at passing cars. And we got back and slept for 1/2 hour before I was woken up by my mom like, kinda kicking me and saying "get uppppy uppy upppp! You have to go to the doctor's!!!" And oh God I did. Physicals just suck ass plain and simple. No denying it. And I got a tetanus shot and my arm feels like it's going to fall off. Eew. I'm gonna go... sit.... or something.... yeah. My life is so exciting.


something to do if you're bored

I found a dumb little quiz to do because I was bored... and you know how I love dumb little quizzes... so here's yet another one :)

a) Get a pen/pencil
b) Get a paper
c) Number it 1-13!
d) Answer these questions!

1. What's your favorite color out of:
A. Green
B. Blue
C. Orange
D. Black

2. What color is your hair?
A. Blonde/Dirty Blonde
B. Brown
C. Red
D. Black
E. Bald or any other color

3. What color are your eyes?
A. Hazel
B. Green
C. Brown
D. Blue
E. gray

4. What is your favorite sport out of:
A. Basketball
B. Cheerleading
C. Football
D. Soccer
E. Baseball

5. What's your favorite way to talk?
A. Phone
B. In Person
C. Instant Message
D. E-mail
E. Letters (Mail)

6. What is your favorite kinda music out of:
A. Rap
B. Country
C. Hard Rock
D. Pop
E. General Rock

7. Who's your favorite singer out of:
A. Ludacris
B. Tim McGraw
C. Ozzy Osbourne
D. Nsync
E. Shakira

8. What's your favorite show out of:
A. Jackass (MTV)
B. The Simpsons
C. SpongeBob SquarePants
D. Surviver
E. The Osbournes

9. What's your favorite movie out of:
A. Not Another Teen Movie
B. Joy Ride
C. I Know What You Did Last Summer
D. Forest Gump
E. Shrek

10. What month were you born?

11. Name a person of the opposite sex.

12. Name a person of the same sex.

13. Now make a wish! (you have to write this down orit wont work!).:.


Green- Fun to be around
Blue- Stylish
Orange- Funky
Black- Lonely
Pink- Sweet

Blonde/Dirty Blonde- Hyper
Brown- Causal
Red- Tough
Black- Holds back feelings
Bald or any other color- Free Spirit

Hazel- Out Going
Green- Happy
Brown- Loud
Blue- Cute
Gray- Unpredictable

Basketball- Direct
Cheer leading- Never Gives Up
Football- Watchful
Soccer- Nice
Baseball- Loveable

Phone- Busy a lot of the time
In Person- Sociable
Instant Message- A Leader
E-mail- Has a lot of friends
Letters (Mail)- Has many thoughts

Rap- Friendly
Country- Cute
Hard Rock- Wild
Pop- unoriginal
General Rock- Pretty cool to hang around

Ludacris- Loves to Party
Tim McGraw- Sexy
Ozzy Osbourne- Awesome
N'sync- boring
Shakira- Fun

Jackass- Awesome
The Simpsons- Funny
Sponge Bob Square Pants- Cool
Survivor- Adventurous
The Osbournes- Knows how to have a great time

Not Another Teen Movie- Knows who they are
Joy Ride- Cool I Know What You Did Last Summer- Fun
Forrest Gump- Has a big heart
Shrek- oRiGinaL

10. January- Funny
February- Loveable
March- Loves to be noticed a lot
April- Easy going
May- Loves to be around a lot of people
June- Stylish
July- Rude
August- A good friend
September- Loves to flirt
October- Strict
November- Nice
December- Sweet

11. That Person *Will* fall in love with you if you put this on your journal

12. This person *Will* become your enemy if you don't put this on your blog

13. This wish *Will* come true if you put this on your site

AH can't sleep

Well... it's 1:30 in the morning and I can't sleep... at all... so I"ll give y'all a little post of weird animated things saved in one of my files. Hopefully they come out right because if they don't move, well, it loses some of it's magical charm. Wow... that was gay :-D

Nicki and me are talking about politics and the world and such.... it's quite deep. She has psychiatrist potential :) and now, here's my point of view.

Well. Some people don't like our president do they? Nope. And they have rights not to. I mean, for God's sake, he's put our men in danger over in Iraq. What a numbskull, eh? But that's not really my opinion. And this is my blog, so y'all will shut up and listen :-)

Now... who thinks that Georgey is a bad president? eh? Well... what I have to say isn't really about the president, bashing or defending him. Let's try again. Who thinks that Republicans are snotty refined brats who don't care about the world? Raise your hands. Raise 'em loud and proud. Just like you raise your false accusations loud and proud. You know... those ones about our soldiers abusing those prisoners down in Guantanamo Bay? After those men who are a threat to our country lounge in air conditioned quarters while eating food better than the food I eat and being allowed to keep their holy books or whatever they are and being allowed to pray, to keep their religion, the religion that compells them to hate us, we let them practice it while under our captivity; so after all of that, I say how dare you accuse these soldiers, our country, of abusing them? I don't have air conditioning. I certainly don't have luxury foods and such. And I can also practice Christianity freely! But am I abused? Hell no. So what makes them abused? Ohhh. That's right. To try to get them to talk we played rap music. Ugh. Disgusting stuff that is. I don't like it either. Yet I have to listen to it at times. Am I abused? Once again, hell no. And yes, I understand that they listened to it as punishment to get them to talk and yes I understand it may possibly be interpreted as a mild form of torture but does this... if you are willing to exaggerate with me... torture... physically harm these enemies? Does it forever destroy any aspect, physical or mental, of their life? Let me answer that for you all. NO. But of course, when I said mild form of torture, something may have clicked in some peoples brains. You know what clicked? The idea that "well, torture is torture and no form of it is accpetable. This can be twisted to look terrible." That one. That's what some people think. But alas, everyone has their opinion and way of thinking. So I suppose that won't change. But you know what really gets me? What really gets me angry? My king pet peeve. Liars. Liars and hypocrites and lazy selfish pigs. Awww so you heard about AIDS in Africa, eh honey? Makes you feel bad doesn't it? Well. I'm glad you have time to sit on your sofa in your house that protects you from danger that sits in a country that protects you from diseases and violence. I'm glad you have time to sit there and think "Gee, those poor people. You know, our country is so damn rich they could spare a bit of money for those in need. God knows they need it more than us. And ya know what we need? We need a legal system that will throw money to the poor and sick and hungry!" And then... you're done. I suppose it's solely our country's and government's job to take care of the rest of the world and still have time and money enough to continue making your life as easy and enjoyable as possible? If you cared enough at all, then perhaps you would get off your butt and give a little yourself. People who simply sit and expect every hope and desire, giving or selfish, to simply unfold and become reality before their very eyes need a serious reality check. Yes, it's nice that you want these things for the world. Next step? Go and help others give the world these things. The world can't fix itself and just because our country is fortunate doesn't mean it can fix it all too. And don't get me wrong, I don't agree with everything in our country. I'm not even close to agreeing with everything in our country. But I understand that we can't just sit and wait for it to just put a big band-aid over all the lost lives and years of war and pain and loss and suffering. We need to help out too. So next time you get angry about "no one doing anything to fix AIDS" or the genocide in Darfur, Sudan and become spiteful towards our country for doing "nothing", take a long hard look in the mirror. Maybe someday you'll realize that you're not helping either. And to the people that are helping; who genuinely care and now or will in the future help out, well then the previous writing has nothing that applies to you and hopefully you'll keep doing what you're doing, because I guess not many others will. And that's all I have to say about that.

I'm sorry if that offended anyone. But I had to get it off of my chest. And of course it was not about anyone I know personally or anyone at all for that matter. It was simply an idea and if someone interpreted that the wrong way... I'm sorry. I 'spose I didn't write it right. 'Night y'all.


today SO deserves a post.

Wow. Today definitely was one of those days that just... needs a post. So without further ado, today's post.

My aunt and uncle from New York are visiting... what am I saying. All of my relatives are from New York. We're the only losers in Connecticut. One... set of relatives from New York is visiting. My uncle is helping us finish up our kitchen, and my aunt is here to shop with us. Because... it's what us girls do. So today I wake up to Amber *ashley's dog* licking my face. Rather unpleasant, but she's a cutie so I'll let it go. Then I get to clean up the remains of her midnight snack... a tissue box. Weirdo. Then I took a shower and ate a slab of DELISH coffee cake and my mom, sister, aunt and I headed out to the YANKEE CANDLE FACTORY in Deerfield. Oh-em-gee. I absolutely, completely, utterly, wholly, certainly, definitely, positively, really, straight out, surely, truly, unambiguously, unconditionally, unquestionably love that place. And if you think I'm smart because I used all those words... ha. Loser. I looked them up on Thesaurus.com. ANYWAY that is beside the point. I bought lots of candles because it's a candle store... 92,000 square feet of candle store actually. I was talking to a sales lady while my mom was in the bathroom. Just shut up. Uhmmm my nose is burned out for about the next 3 days but it was SO worth it. I smelled like 1,000 different candles and at one point I was really light-headed. Is it possible to get high off of candles? I certainly hope not. Then we got Subway on the way home where I OF COURSE proceeded to get mayonnaise and crumbs all over my shirt. I'm such a loser. We finally get home and swim in the pool. And my sister absolutely freaks because there was a bug in it. Not to mention it was a dead bug. By her reaction you would have thought one of those moldy toenails from Amanda's keyboard was chasing her or something. So I performed a rescue mission... I swear I could be in the bomb squad... and got rid of the bug. Phew. Close one. The nasty wittle sheila awmost bit my 'ead off! *steve irwin impression... oh wow I JUST realized how terrible that was... sorry guys*

FINALLY. AFTER 3 HOURS OF WAITING. AND BEING HUNGRY. THE MEN FINISH INSTALLING PART ONE OF THE KITCHEN COUNTERS AND AT 9:00 WE MAKE OUR WAY TO THE BIDWELL FOR DINNER. Well folks, here comes the blogworthy section of my day. The uncle that is visiting happens to be my father's FAVORITE drinking buddy. Of like, all time. So during dinner they consumed 3, maybe 4 pints? And about dinner. I got calamari, SO DAMN GOOD. And when I told my sister that it was the little sucker things on the squid she once again, freaked out as if one of the moldy toenails from Amanda's keyboard was chasing her. I peeled the breading off of one of the little calamari thingies and stuck it to my finger so she would freak out even more. Aren't I a loving, caring, wonderful sister? Yea, I know. :-p And then when we were finished eating my mom and aunt brought my sister and I home... and my mom went back to the bar with my dad and uncle to be their designated driver so they can get fully totally "boozed up" according to Thesaurus.com. Sweet. Now I'm just staying up to see two drunk men walk through the door... and continue to drink more beer in the living room... seeing as this doesn't usually happen seeing as my daddy will only get "boozed up" with certain people like my uncle. Hehehe. "Boozed up". I bet they've spent 75$ getting "boozed up" tonight because pints are so damn expensive. Whatever, it's not MY money =-}

And now... the moment you all craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave. Random picture time! Which is turning more into random character from shitty movie time! But not tonight! Tonight we get my newest favorite actor... right behind dear johnny d. of course. He's scottish... need I say more?!

Ladies and gentlemen... Ewan McGregor.

Scottish people rock my socks, plain and simple.